Architect: Nixon Tulloch Fortey // Photographer: Shannon McGrath // Nixon Tulloch Fortey - 'The melding of architecture and interiors provided a complete design solution for the Toorak residence. The planning and arrangement of the spaces was critical, along with the flow of materials from inside and out. Internally, living areas appear large and generous with vivid calmness throughout. Large sliding panels and doors provide the flexibilty to open up or close down the interior spaces.' // Products Featured: Delta Light - Momba wall lights, Gala wall lights, Logic ingrounds, Kix Pin spike lights. Inlite - Deep Starr downlights, joinery profiles and ledstrip, One-liner suspended profiles.

TOORAK RESIDENCE - NTF_KentCt_smg_1V7R0260_WEB.jpg TOORAK RESIDENCE - NTF_KentCt_smg_231906_WEB.jpg TOORAK RESIDENCE - NTF_KentCt_smg_231929_WEB.jpg TOORAK RESIDENCE - NTF_KentCt_smg_231969_WEB.jpg TOORAK RESIDENCE - NTF_KentCt_smg_230869_WEB.jpg TOORAK RESIDENCE - NTF_KentCt_smg_232007_WEB.jpg TOORAK RESIDENCE - NTF_KentCt_smg_231630_WEB.jpg TOORAK RESIDENCE - NTF_KentCt_smg_1V7R9921_WEB.jpg TOORAK RESIDENCE - NTF_KentCt_smg_1V7R0348_WEB.jpg TOORAK RESIDENCE - NTF_KentCt_smg_1V7R0458_WEB.jpg TOORAK RESIDENCE - NTF_KentCt_smg_232053_WEB.jpg TOORAK RESIDENCE - NTF_KentCt_smg_1V7R0393_WEB.jpg