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INLITE is excited to invite you to join the Light Bulb Moment, an online live discussion as part of the Super Design festival!

Created by the team at InDesign, Super Design is a two-week design festival that brings together local and international professionals and brands from across the industry. Immerse yourself in a multi-dimensional design festival, wherever you are in the world!

Super Design is a festival without limits. Discover the latest design trends with online conversations, workshops, virtual showroom tours and much more!




The Light Bulb Moment is an online session where a panel of industry professionals discuss how architectural lighting has the power to shape and transform a space. All too often it is considered an after-thought, but what if it were one of the first considerations

This session looks at how lighting can be used as an intelligent design tool, and a primary source of inspiration in the initial stages of concept design.

Guest Speakers

Danilo Mandelli – Director Project Management, Delta Light

Mark Talbot – Principal, Architectus

Donn Salisbury – Director, Electrolight

Pascale Gomes-McNabb – Director, PGM Design

Moderated by Andre Tammes – Development Director, Design Matrix

Wednesday 18th of November at 6:00pm AEST

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Meet International Guest Speaker Danilo Mandelli

Danilo Mandelli is the Director of Project Management at the architectural lighting brand Delta Light. Developing bespoke lighting solutions, Belgian company Delta Light has collaborated with internationally acclaimed architects and designers such as OMA, Dean Skira, MVRDV, Peter Zumthor and others.

Danilo’s project management and creative solutions for high-profile projects have showcased his talent in design consultancy.

He has been invited to be a speaker at several events, such as the Dubai Design Week and NextGen Design Forum. In 2019, he was invited to be a judge at the Dezeen Design Awards.



New Product Book by Platek


The new Platek Product Book is hot off the press! A new catalogue featuring architectural and decorative exterior lighting, Platek’s Product book presents exciting new products along with project and application images to inspire designers and architects!

What’s Inside the Product Book?

Platek’s new catalogue is jam-packed with reference images, photometric data, technical specifications, inspirational application images and of course an extensive array of products to meet all of your exterior lighting needs!


Platek offers a wide range of bollards, portable table lamps, wall lights, path lights and urban lighting solutions. Their collection also includes downlights, floodlights and inground fixtures all specifically designed for the exterior environment.

Due to its ability to express the essence, identity and meaning of an architectural space, light is an essential design ‘material’. Platek explores the relationship between people and their environment to improve the quality of life through sustainable and efficient lighting.


Platek’s mission is to design fixtures that complement their architectural surroundings, providing just the right amount of light where it is needed to enhance the way we experience exterior social, urban, work and living spaces.

Are you ready to be inspired?

Click here to download Platek’s new Product Book today to explore their range of products!


Generational Retreat has been featured on EBOSS


We are pleased to see that “Generational Retreat” has been featured on EBOSS with the title “Modern and Pared-Back Lighting Complements Contemporary Home”. The project was described as “carefully detailed and skilfully realised”. “Generational Retreat” is the winner of the 2020 Waikato / Bay of Plenty Architecture Award in the Housing category.

Design: Studio2 Architects

Photography: Simon Devitt


“Reflecting Generational Retreat’s contemporary aesthetic, the lighting fixtures selected are both modern and minimal. The dark grey and black finishes of the cylindrical surface fixtures and pendants complement the large black steel window frames and black switch details. The lighting design is pared-back, with a focus on creating intimate pools of illumination adding to the relaxed ambience of the house. Slender profiles and unobtrusive stair lights were selected to provide functional lighting without interrupting the minimal aesthetic.”

If you want to read the Case Study on EBOSS, please click here.

If you want to know more about this project, please go to our References section here.

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