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Discover the freedom to create tailored lighting solutions with Klus.

Based in Poland, Klus designs and manufactures lighting systems and solutions in-house, utilising aluminium profiles combined with the latest LED technologies.


As a company, Klus is focused on creating conscious designs centred around function and quality. What distinguishes Klus from other lighting manufacturers, is their offering of flexibility, modularity and customisation across their product range. In addition to offering a wide-range of versatile aluminium profiles, Klus has the ability to manufacture completely customised solutions in terms of size, scale, configuration and shape, giving architects and designers the freedom to design lighting solutions tailored to their requirements.


Profile Bending

Profile bending is one of the processes used to manufacture custom Klus products. A selection of Klus profiles can be bent and twisted in-house by Klus to achieve completely customised curved shapes and designs. Klus’s ability to manipulate profiles in this way allows the user to explore and create infinite configurations and possibilities.


GLAZA & GIZA Profiles

GLAZA-LL, GIZA-LL and GIZA-DUO-LL profiles by Klus all have the ability to be bent to create custom-shaped luminaires. These profiles can also be fitted with LED strips available in a range of wattages, outputs, colour temperatures and IP ratings to meet the specifications required for a multitude of applications.



Klus profiles are compatible with a vast amount of accessories including a range of diffusers, connectors, suspensions and mounting brackets. This allows the profiles to be easily adapted to suit any type of installation or application required.


By offering customisation options across their extensive selection of versatile and functional profiles, Klus provides users with the freedom and flexibility to design a multitude of tailored lighting solutions.

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