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Inlite are excited to introduce AKZU. Focused on the specialised area of museum and gallery lighting, AKZU designs and manufactures high quality luminaires specifically for these applications. AKZU’s range is equipped to offer a complete lighting solution to meet the strict and highly technical requirements of museum and gallery lighting. Their collection includes track lights, contour projectors and display cabinet lights.

AKZU’s philosophy is to develop lighting solutions and high quality luminaires that deliver on high CRI, precise and focused light control, lighting protection for the preservation of exhibits and the visual comfort of patrons. AKZU fixtures are manufactured with high quality LED’s and high efficiency drivers with advanced heat management technologies offering maximum performance and longevity.

AKZU believes in the power of lighting and the role it plays in creating, influencing and enhancing the visual and sensory experience. The belief that light has the power to perceive, attract and to create is what drives AKZU to provide the industry with world-class lighting concepts and products.


The lighting design of any space has technical requirements and guidelines that must be adhered to. However, when it comes to lighting concepts for museums and galleries we enter another world of illumination, a world that requires specialised solutions, to bring to life, showcase and protect exhibits.

While browsing museums and galleries we are captivated by the interesting subjects on display, while being unaware of the important and diverse role that light plays within the spaces.


The lighting within a gallery or museum does so much more than simply illuminate objects. It must provide optimised and vivid illumination to render the true colours, detail and contrast of the exhibits while protecting from harmful radiation and over exposure. It must also provide a comfortable visual environment for the patrons to view and move through the exhibits.


High Colour Rendering

Luminaires with high colour rendering LED’s can truly present the appearance of colour and detail. With a Colour Rendering Index of 95+ and excellent chromatogram distribution, AKZU luminaires reproduce the exhibit’s original colour with pure, clean, highly saturated light, presenting a larger spectrum of colours while enhancing the fine details.


Precise Light Distribution

To achieve the best presentation, it is important to have precise light distribution from different beam angles to effectively utilise and maximise the light output. As an exhibition lighting specialist, AKZU have a range of accurate optical solutions from contour projectors, very narrow to wide beam angles, vertical and horizontal elliptical effects and wall washing, ensuring accurate and vivid representation of artworks and artefacts.


Lighting Protection

Ray radiation, high illumination levels and over exposure to light can be harmful to sensitive materials and must be addressed when illuminating exhibits. Infrared and ultraviolet rays accelerate the ageing and can damage material surfaces. AKZU luminaires are fitted with professional LEDs specially designed for museum and gallery applications with excellent efficiency and no ultraviolet or infrared rays, greatly reducing any radiation impact.

Different material surfaces tolerate varying levels of exposure to light, therefore illuminance control in the form of dimming protocols can help aid in the limitation of over-exposure. AKZU have a wide range of precise optical solutions so that mixed material artefacts can be accurately illuminated at different lux levels.


Visual Comfort

Lastly, lighting must also provide visual comfort. Galleries and museums are public spaces, with hundreds and in some cases thousands of people perusing their displays daily. Lighting plays an important part with its ability to enhance the experience for visitors. Low glare, light uniformity, contrast, beam control and luminance balance are all factors that effect the overall visual comfort and desired atmosphere and ambience of the space.

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AKZU’s upgraded Tracron track light collection uses the latest high performance LED techonology, with excellent efficiency and ultra high colour rendering; CRI greater than 95; R9 higher than 90 and; 2 Step MacAdam. AKZU’s accurate light control technology provides a broad range of light options through interchangeable principal lenses for ultimate flexibility and a full set of lighting accessories such as honeycomb louvres and barn doors for glare control. Equipped with DALI control or on-board dimming and designed for 3 circuit track, AKZU’s Tracron is the perfect solution for museum and gallery lighting.

Colour: white, black (customised colour on request)

Housing and bracket: cast aluminium, powder-coated

Front cover: new PC + glass fibre

Rotation & tilt: 0°-90° tilt, bracket rotatable through 360°

Control mode: DALI, On-Board Dimmer (Phase-cut or Bluetooth dimming on request)

Brightness control range: 0-100%.

*interchangeable lenses for ultimate flexibility

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The Dux Contour Projector range is designed for the precise illumination of paintings and exhibits. The Dux family consists of three sized projectors (A5, A4, A3) designed to cover varying ceiling heights within exhibition spaces. Dux A5 is used for distances from 4 – 10m while the A4 can project from 3 – 5m. The smallest of the family, the Dux A3 is perfect for distances up to 3m and for illuminating display cabinetry.

Each projector in the Dux family has been fitted with specially designed anti-glare covers and professional optical lenses, providing comfortable illumination and effective colour balance. The Dux collection uses a simple bayonet lens changing mechanism and there are a range of interchangeable lens options available with beam angles from 12º – 39º along with the ability for the Dux A5 and A4 to project different shaped beams such as square, round, logo or ‘gobo’.

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Dux projectors are manufactured with high performing LED’s with high colour rendering of CRI 95+ and excellent chromatogram distribution in both 3000K and 4000K. Dux projectors feature aperture diaphragm imaging technology and can be manually adjusted with a shutter mechanism that shapes the light to precisely frame paintings with an accurate and sharp beam ensuring no light leakage or edge distortion.


Color: Black

Housing and bracket: cast aluminium, powder-coated

Rotation & tilt: 0°-270° tilt Dux A3, 0°-90° tilt Dux A4 A5, bracket rotatable through 360°

Control mode: DALI, On-Board Dimmer (Phase-cut or Bluetooth dimming on request)

Brightness control range: 5-100%.

The Dux range offers flexibility with the luminaire’s ability to rotate a full 360º and tilt up to 270º for the Dux A3 and 90º for the A4 and A5 . Fitted with a 3 circuit track adaptor the Dux family has the ability to be surface mounted or partly recessed with individual mono points if track mounting is not an option, making it an excellent solution for art and artefact lighting.

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Sprite is AKZU’s collection of display cabinet lights. Their minimal and compact dimensions ensure they blend into the cabinet display while their high performance LED engines highlight the true colours of the art or artefacts. The Sprite family consists of 3 different sized cabinet spotlights, X1, X2, X3 with a range of mounting options, and the X4 semi recessed version.

Sprite luminaires are fitted with advanced precision optics, providing consistent and precise light control. Their high colour rendering LED’s have a CRI of 95+ ensuring a vivid and accurate representation of the original colours while their unique anti-glare structure lessens light spill, increasing visual comfort.

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The Sprite collection is available with a wide range of beam angles from narrow spot through to flood, elliptical and wall washing effects. The Sprite X1 and X2 versions have a zoom lens option, making it possible to change the beam angle from narrow spot through to flood simply by adjusting the front ring of the fixture.

The Sprite collection has a range of mounting options depending on the exhibit requirements. X2 and X3 versions can be track mounted, surface mounted or semi recessed, while the tiny X1 has an adjustable stand mount version which offers up-close and detailed illumination of artefacts from all angles. The X4 completes the Sprite family offering a specially designed no glare wall washing solution for cabinets.


AKZU’s comprehensive range offers specialist lighting solutions for museums and galleries. AKZU remain at the forefront of the industry, constantly developing and upgrading their range to ensure optimum performance, excellent efficiencies and the very best in light quality.

PRANDINA: New Collection


Introducing TULIPA, the latest pendant collection designed by Studio Khamai for Prandina.


Designed by Spanish based creative agency Studio Khamai, TULIPA is the latest pendant collection to join Prandina’s Studio family.

As its name suggests, Tulipa draws inspiration from a flowering Tulip. It’s structure embodies the head of the flower, its delicate petals represented by Tulipa’s slitted diffuser.

Tulipa is a step away from Prandina’s traditional blown-glass designs, its diffuser and main structure are made from either matt painted or galvanised metal. Tulipa’s unique design allows light to escape from the openings, or petals, emitting a soft glow while also lighting directly.

Tulipa is available in eight different finishes and is perfect for creating a warm and inviting ambience. Whether installed as a singular pendant or as a cluster, Tulipa’s beautiful and unique design is sure to be the centre of attention in any interior space!

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Delta Light Discovery Sessions – Lighting Bible Anniversary Edition


What an amazing two weeks we have had with Delta Light here in Australia and New Zealand. A big thank you to everyone who attended our Delta Light Discovery Sessions, we hope you were left inspired by the latest innovative lighting creations on display.

Our teams around Australia and New Zealand including Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland, held a series of Discovery Sessions where our guests were able to immerse themselves in the latest products and innovations from Delta Light’s Lighting Bible – The Anniversary Edition.

The sessions were a big success. It was great to see our showrooms buzzing! Thank you Jorn Callens for flying all the way from Belgium to present us with Delta Light’s new product innovations and project inspirations, you did not disappoint!

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First stop, Adelaide…

The Discovery Sessions kicked off with our South Australian team hosting 60 designers and engineers on the 24th June in their recently renovated Norwood showroom. Jorn showcased the much anticipated 30th Anniversary Lighting Bible to the crowd across a 30-minute presentation that featured the new releases, such as the magnetic Shiftline series. Amid the wood-oven pizzas and Adelaide Hills wines, the guests lingered to see samples of the ranges, and mingle with industry colleagues in what was a hugely successful night!

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Next stop, Melbourne…

Our Melbourne showroom was the second stop on the discovery tour where our Victorian team hosted a breakfast, evening and two lunch sessions. Three jam-packed days full of learning, networking and mingling while snacking on delicious canapés and sipping on beverages! It was fantastic to see so many in attendance, the showroom was filled with an incredible buzz and energy!

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Guests at the Discovery Sessions were treated to an in-depth presentation covering the highlights from the Lighting Bible Anniversary Edition. Curves, Movement, Minimalism and Optics were the core design concepts and inspiration behind the new lenses, shapes, materials and profile systems launched in LBAE.


On to Brisbane…

Next up the Discovery Sessions hit our Brisbane showroom where the Queensland team held a lunch and evening session. This was our first industry event at the new address in Brisbane. It was great to show our guests through the new showroom, while presenting them with the latest from Delta Light. We look forward to many more events in Brissy!

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Finishing up the Australian leg in Sydney and off to New Zealand…

Our Sydney showroom was the fourth and final stop in Australia before Jorn jetted off to New Zealand. Another three days filled with learning and mingling! The New South Wales team hosted a lunch, breakfast and two evening sessions where guests were focused and eager to put Jorn and our team’s knowledge to the test with an abundance of interesting questions. It was fantastic to see so many of our guests engaged!

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Final stop, Auckland…

Our Discovery Sessions continued across the Tasman with Jorn travelling to Auckland, his final destination for this tour. The Auckland team held a lunch and evening session, with the Wellington gents joining them for this special occasion. The showroom was bursting at the seams for both events, as guests filed in to see Delta Light’s latest designs and offerings!

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Until next year…

Thanks again to everyone who attended. For those who were unable to make one of the Discovery Sessions and would like to see the new range and samples, please contact your Inlite representative or local office.

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