Design: pH+ Architects / Builder: Harmony Build / Photography: Tom Ferguson Photography / Styling: Holly Irvine Studio / The lighting scheme for Earlwood House primarily utilised varying forms of linear luminaires such as profiles and modular systems to create uniform and diffused illumination throughout the home's interior as well as its exterior. Externally, the detailed brick façade was illuminated using a modular linear system mounted at a distance behind the brickwork lighting outwards. To create an even and diffused light effect a polycarbonate sheet was installed behind the punctured brick façade, softening the light illuminating the front path and driveway whilst creating an eye-catching feature. At the rear of the house, the outdoor entertaining area and deck is illuminated by a customised linear profile recessed into the eave. Internally, Earlwood House features a range of recessed and suspended linear profiles. Slimline aluminium profiles were recessed into plaster ceilings and rebated into cabinetry, forming thin lines of illumination that blend seamlessly with their surroundings to create a minimal and sleek appearance. In the kitchen a combination of direct-indirect and direct only profiles were suspended above, providing lengths of uniform lighting that continue into the connecting dining area, where a length of the same direct-indirect profile was installed above the dining table. The dining area is positioned under a large skylight void which made finding a fixing point for the pendant above difficult. There was also a strong cross ventilation pull from the front lounge through to the kitchen which was causing the profile to swing. The solution was a custom designed wall bracket that was mounted to one side. Sections of magnetic trimless profile fitted with linear and adjustable spotlight modules recessed seamlessly into the ceiling feature throughout sections of the home's interior allowing for functionality and easy reconfiguration thanks to its plug and play installation. A 3000K colour temperature was utilised throughout and all visible luminaires were finished in black, complementing the dark interior details. // Products Featured: Lamp Bazz Air Symmetric / Klus KOZEL Profile / Lamp Fil 35 Direct/Indirect Profile / Klus PDS4-Plus Profile / Klus LIPOD Profile

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