PRANDINA: New Collection


Introducing TULIPA, the latest pendant collection designed by Studio Khamai for Prandina.


Designed by Spanish based creative agency Studio Khamai, TULIPA is the latest pendant collection to join Prandina’s Studio family.

As its name suggests, Tulipa draws inspiration from a flowering Tulip. It’s structure embodies the head of the flower, its delicate petals represented by Tulipa’s slitted diffuser.

Tulipa is a step away from Prandina’s traditional blown-glass designs, its diffuser and main structure are made from either matt painted or galvanised metal. Tulipa’s unique design allows light to escape from the openings, or petals, emitting a soft glow while also lighting directly.

Tulipa is available in eight different finishes and is perfect for creating a warm and inviting ambience. Whether installed as a singular pendant or as a cluster, Tulipa’s beautiful and unique design is sure to be the centre of attention in any interior space!

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