Smart 48 allows you to control and dim 48V luminaires or profiles using only 2 wires. It collects the power from a centralised 48V power supply, combines it with a DALI, 1-10V or Touch Dim input and sends it to a small 48V converter in the luminaire.

Using only 2 wires, enables an easy upgrade of traditional lighting systems to LED, without the need of rewiring for extra data lines, therefore reducing the cost of retrofit projects.

Moreover, by using a centralised power supply, you eliminate the different power supplies for individual luminaires, greatly reducing the cost but also allowing you to use more compact luminaires.

Dimming can also be done wirelessly, by also choosing the Wireless Dimmable Modulator.


Throughout Delta Light’s, Lighting Bible 12, the SMART 48 IN symbol indicates a 48V luminaire with an integrated LED power converter.


Only 2 wires
Easy upgrade of traditional lighting systems to LEDP

Protocol Independent
Compatible with DALI, 1-10V or Touch dimmers

Centralised Power Supply
Elimination of single power supplies saving money and spaceP

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